10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

Let’s look at new technology from Microsoft. The survey results show that the most forward-thinking finance functions are mastering the current environment of technological change to drive revenue growth and profitability by combining agile service delivery models, extreme automation (using Cloud and emerging technologies) and advanced analytics.

Through its close dialogue with leading universities and non-university research insititutes, and through its collaboration with start-ups, Corporate Technology has acccess to external sources of inspiration that can strengthen Siemens’ innovative power.

Under the leadership of the Chief Technology Officer and in partnership with the operating units, CT develops Siemens’ technology and innovation strategy, creates and industrializes basic technologies, promotes business excellence through consulting and engineering services, and protects the company’s intellectual property.

By the first half of the nineteen nineties, the situation changed with the introduction of new satellite TV technology that provided a much needed improvement upon both the satellite TV that came before it as well as cable TV. This new wave of satellite TV technology required only a small satellite dish that was three feet across at the most rather than the older monstrosities that were over ten feet across.

Brain – This initiative is dedicated to advancing technologies that improve the understanding of brain function, revolutionizing current abilities to reverse engineer neural circuits in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, and developing new approaches to interface the brain with machines for augmenting human-machine interaction and mitigating effects of neurological disease and injury.