5 Reasons Why Managed VPS Hosting Has a High ROI

Price is crucial and often a deciding factor in choosing hosting services for your small and medium businesses. Being a recurring cost, most SMBs need to consider their IT budgets while deciding how much they want to spend on hosting. While there are cheap and free hosting services available that can save costs, the implied costs in the long-run can be high. When we talk about a VPS Hosting Server, the price difference between managed and unmanaged plans is noticeable. Some organizations with internal IT teams try to cut costs by managing the VPS in-house instead of buying a managed services plan. However, the primary flux is towards Managed VPS Hosting services due to their cost-efficiency. Today, we will look at five reasons why Managed VPS Hosting has a high return on investment (ROI).

Reason 1. Zero in-house Infrastructure costs

If you manage the hosting infrastructure in-house, then you will need to make a significant investment – technical team, compatible software, time and effort, etc. However, if you opt for Managed VPS Hosting, then you get the benefits of a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment along with a team of experts managing your server. This maximizes your ROI.

Reason 2. Lower Maintenance costs

A web server needs physical security, server administrator to maintain it and perform regular updates and upgrades, etc. All these tasks cost money. With Managed VPS Hosting, the web host takes care of regular maintenance tasks and frees up your time to focus on your business. This benefits you in a dual manner – you save some costs associated with server maintenance and earn more revenue since you have the time to focus on your business.

Reason 3. Better utilization of IT employees

If you compare the costs associated with hiring IT employees for maintaining a VPS Server as opposed to Managed VPS Hosting plans, you will notice a marked difference. Even if you have a dedicated IT team, you can redeploy them to other functions as opposed to server maintenance tasks. This helps you utilize your workforce optimally while gaining maximum ROI on the Managed VPS Hosting costs.

Reason 4. No need to provision for traffic peaks

A website gets unstructured traffic. Depending on the type of website, it can vary seasonally, or based on an event (quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly), or any other external factors. Regardless of the reason, every website needs to be prepared to handle such traffic peaks without allowing the performance of the site to get affected. With an unmanaged server, you will need to over-provision server resources to manage such peaks efficiently. However, with Managed VPS Hosting, you can scale the resources up and down whenever you need. This adds to the cost-efficiency of these plans.

Reason 5. Better disaster recovery

Managed VPS Hosting plans usually have redundant data centres and high-end hardware that protect the server against disasters, online threats, power outages, etc. Moreover, many Managed VPS Hosting plans offer automated daily backups of your website, creating a safety net in case of a disaster.

Summing Up

If you analyze the benefits offered by Managed VPS plans and compare them with the associated costs, then it would be easy to see the significant ROI for your business. As you can see above, the decision to migrate to a Managed VPS Hosting service will transform your business and allow you to focus on your business without worrying about server management.