Custom Bobbleheads: A Fun Way to Customize Your Collectibles

Custom Bobbleheads: A Fun Way to Customize Your Collectibles


Custom bobbleheads are a fun way to give your friends a unique gift. When can non-custom (non-personal) orders come into play?

Can you order standard sizes or custom sizes? You can order non-personal size bobbleheads in standard sizes. Ordering in custom sizes usually involves a minimum size requirement. If you are unsure of which bobblehead will best fit your needs, it is best to find out beforehand. Often, a standard-sized bobblehead will look flatter, and a larger one will make your recipient look taller.

What is the refund policy? Anytime, that a customer purchases a custom bobblehead, the company may not refund the money. This is usually based on what was wrong with the order, whether the item was delivered damaged or not, and so forth.

Generally speaking, if the company has nothing to do with the faulty shipment or faulty product, they have no reason to accept returns. Many companies do offer at least 15 days for a return. Customer service should always be available when you need it with any custom bobbleheads.

Why are they different from regular, one-sided bobbleheads? One of the biggest advantages of custom bobbleheads is the limited edition figurines. Anybody who buys regular versions ends up with thousands of different figurines they can’t use or trade.

But by only making a limited number of dolls, a collector can personalize each doll for their collection with a name, a date, or a picture. This makes collecting the figurines much more interesting and keeps them from getting lost in the pile of old memorabilia.

Are there any restrictions on custom-made bobbleheads? The truth is, there aren’t any restrictions. Some of the biggest custom manufacturers only work with the most reputable companies, so you don’t have to worry about being sold a fake item, or having your money go to waste.

To ensure that the figurines are real and will come out looking the way you want them to, the company makes each order custom. This means you must add in your designs and ideas to make sure the figurine comes out exactly the way you want.

Do you have any places to get custom bobbleheads besides online websites? If you have a favorite store or website, you can get a ton of variety when it comes to customized bobblehead dolls. Many stores offer a wide variety of styles and options, and they are all priced fairly.

Some websites specialize in custom bobblehead dolls and have even begun to carry items designed specifically for collectors. For those who collect miniatures or other collectible items, these types of sites can be a great place to find custom bobbleheads to add to your collection. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to own one of your own, take a look at the varieties available online.