Definitions Of General Housing Terms

A definition states the meaning of a word using other words. A formal definitionThe meaning of a word that consists of three parts: the term, the part of speech to which it belongs, and all the traits or characteristics that set it apart from every other item in that class. Sometimes government export control regulations and trade sanctions can constrain your freedom to distribute copies of programs internationally.

This group conducted extensive research and deliberated at length to develop ASAM’s 2011 long and short definitions of addiction as well as definitions for terms related to treatment, recovery, and the spectrum of unhealthy substance use. Many philosophers have chosen instead to leave some terms undefined.

Intermediate forms analogous to compiled computer code — such as printer-ready copper artwork from a CAD program — are not allowed as substitutes. The term word may refer to a spoken word or to a written word, or sometimes to the abstract concept behind either.

A free program must offer the four freedoms to any user that obtains a copy of the software, provided the user has complied thus far with the conditions of the free license covering the software. Almost by definition, if an armed conflict is occurring in a country, the government is not likely to be fully functional.

The initial phase of a community’s participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, as prescribed by Section 1306 of the Act. The term includes recorded information of a scientific or technical nature that is included in computer databases (see 41 U.S.C. 116 ).