Fun Activities to try in Vietnam

Fun Activities to try in Vietnam

Countries in Southeast Asia that must be visited by adventurous travelers is Vietnam. Vietnam offers a variety of tourist destinations, ranging from family attractions, nature, culture, education, to culinary. Various tourist attractions in Vietnam are usually icons for each region. Vietnam is suitable for travelers who want to get the best experience, especially if there is little vacation time.

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In Vietnam, you can do various activities. Starting from eating pho, sending postcards, learning history, to playing ATV in the desert.

Eat Warm Pho

Who can refuse a bowl of warm noodles with tempting broth? Pho is a dish of pride for the people of Vietnam that can be found either in tourist areas or small alleys. This white noodle made from rice flour has amazing broth and is served with sliced ​​beef or chicken.

Uniquely, the characteristics of Pho in southern Vietnam are different from pho in northern Vietnam. In southern Vietnam, Pho broth is made thick and tastes stronger, which served with various vegetables such as Thai basil, large bean sprouts, and chili pieces. In northern Vietnam, the broth tends to be more innocent and there are not many side dishes. One of the best pho restaurants in Vietnam is Quan An Ngon.

Studying History at the War Remnant Museum

History is one that makes Vietnam so special. To learn about Vietnam’s past, come to the War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh.

This large museum holds a collection of weapons and artillery, dioramas, and paintings depicting the situation during the Vietnam War. Not only about the Vietnam War, the remains of the French occupation can also be seen in this museum. For visitors, there is a shooting range that you can try to test accuracy.

Send Postcards to Friends

In Ho Chi Minh, there is one landmark you can’t miss, the Saigon Central Post Office. The building, designed by Gustave Eiffel, was made similar to a European train station. Come to this post office, admire the interior, and send postcards to your friends and family. At this post office, you can also buy souvenirs.

Sunbathing on Nha Trang Beach

Welcome to the beach paradise in Vietnam. Nha Trang has a 6-kilometer coastline with golden sand. The beach is clean and neat. Turquoise-colored seawater is also the main attraction of Nha Trang beach. In addition to the beach, Nha Trang also has a recreational park that is fun to visit with children.

Exploring the Cave in Halong Bay

As a major tourist destination in northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is crowded all year round. A choice of round trip or an overnight stay at Halong Bay is available. Here, you will be invited to spend the night on a cruise. To explore hidden caves and small islands in Halong Bay, you can go with the boat in a group or solo paddling.

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