Honda CB650F, Reviews, Specifications October 2019

As if endless, this time the Honda motorbikes company still spoiled motorsport lovers with premium motorbikes. This time we will discuss Honda CB650F which is the Naked version, from the Honda CBR650F. Currently, Honda motorcycle manufacturers have released motorsports in two versions, full fairing and nude sports. But this time, Honda didn’t only change its outward appearance. The Honda CB650F also has a distinctive touch that sets it apart from the Honda CBR650F.

The difference between the Honda CB650F and CBR650F is seen in the shape of the body. The CBR650F is a Sport motorbike with a fairing dressing, while the Honda CB650F is a sport touring motorbike with nude sports. In addition to body design, the difference between the CB650F and CBR650F also lies in the dimensions. This time, Honda designed the Honda CB650F with a slightly higher size than the CBR650F, which is 2,110 x 775 x 1,120 mm. The higher body shape is adapted to the Honda CB650F segmentation. Besides the body design and dimensions, what is the difference between the CBR650F and CB650F? Well, are you curious right? For those of you who are curious about the detailed specifications and price of Honda CB650F, here is the full review.

Naked Sport-Touring Design with Aggressive Characters

We begin the discussion of the specifications Honda CB650F from the outside design. At first glance, the outer design of the CB650F is similar to the Kawasaki ER6 N. The shape of the compatible lamp still adapts the ‘V shape’ design on the CBR650F. But for this time the face of the Honda CB650F looks more aggressive because it has the form of a modern streetfighter motorcycle.

The light unit on the Honda CB650F is combined with a dashboard panel holder that has a trapezoidal design. Moving to the side of the body, CB650F is equipped with two sharp-shaped sheaths on both sides. The second cover is integrated with the Honda CB650F tank which has the same design as the CBR650F tank. As a touring motorbike, the CB650F also has a multilevel seat design that will provide comfort for the rider and pillion.

Dashboard Panel Similar to CBR650F

Furthermore, the specifications of the Honda CB650F on the dashboard panel also carry the same design base as the CBR650F. The dashboard panel on the CB650F is divided into two main panels with additional turn signal indicators in the middle. On the right panel of the Honda CB650F dashboard on the right, the indicator shows tank capacity, gear position, and a pointer to the total vehicle mileage. Meanwhile, the dashboard panel of the Honda CB650F on the left is filled with a speedometer and tachometer which are all digital. Honda CB650F specifications on the dashboard panel sector are identical to the dashboard on the CBR650F which is simple but still functional and has a modern impression because it is fully digital.

Fit and Comfortable Dimensions for Long Distance Tours

Honda CB650F specifications on this part of the frame have a higher size than the CBR650F. Honda built the CB650F with dimensions of 2,110 x 775 x 1,120 mm. This size is higher than the CBR650F because this motorbike is a touring motor that prioritizes comfort when driving long distances. Besides, the distance of the Honda CB650F from the ground is 20 mm higher when compared to the CBR650F. For other dimensions such as seat height and wheelbase, the CBR650F and CB650F have the same size. Honda indeed combines the specifications of the CB650F with only a few touches of differentiation to maintain the sporty aura of this new motorsport. 

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