Matt Davies Stockton Explores the Importance of Mobile App Development to Businesses

Matt Davies Stockton Explores the Importance of Mobile App Development to Businesses


According to Matt Davies Stockton, while there are many ways to experience the internet on the desktop computer, most of the world has moved on to mobile. Every business doesn’t need a mobile app. However, mobile app development can certainly add value to your business in the right situation. Let’s check out the importance of mobile app development to businesses.

The Detail

1. Marketing – Marketing programs allow you to make new and existing customers aware of your products and services. Mobile apps can make your marketing efforts more proactive and effective. Apps draw valuable leads to your marketing team and that team can monitor app usage to adjust and come up with promotional strategies that can target specific user groups in the most efficient manner. Advertising on your own mobile app is also less capital-intensive and can immensely benefit small and medium-sized businesses with small budgets. 

2. Customer loyalty – The market is evolving very quickly and with more open-source tools and easily accessible resources, there are more competitors in the market than ever. That’s why distribution is key, and you need mobile apps to build customer loyalty and maintain your competitive edge with more dominant distribution channels.

Mobile apps aren’t just convenient, but a two-way communication between businesses and their customers. Enhanced communication leads to more engagement and that helps businesses learn more about customer behavior and strategize around that. This allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business opportunities. 

3. Online shopping is more convenient – Modern consumers want more flexibility when they pay for products and services. You can offer that to your customers by building mobile apps that allow for in-app purchases and keep your customers updated about those purchases through notifications. Over the last decade, customer preference has changed immensely and now they are more comfortable placing expensive orders on mobile apps instead of websites. Your business may lose a significant chunk of revenue without a mobile app.

4. Brand awareness – You can keep your clients engaged and informed with push notifications through your mobile app. Building mobile apps has become very easy and cost-effective. Even small businesses. With mobile apps, businesses of all sizes can make their promotional campaigns even more targeted with granular information like engagement history, location, and other such data. You’ll be able to keep your products and services in front of your customers’ minds to drive more traffic, increase revenue and leave your competitors in the dust.

5. Data mining – Mobile apps also open the door to data mining for businesses. The data collected through those apps can be analyzed to identify buying patterns, customer behavior, and responses to marketing campaigns. Data mined by the mobile app can also be combined with data from other channels for a better understanding of your customers and changing trends. 


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you also look into mobile app development if you own a business of any size. Mobile apps help you to build your brand, spread awareness about your products and services and build customer loyalty as well.