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Together with the advancement of science and technology, technological innovations grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of new equipment and gadgets. The focus of this workshop will be presentations and discussions related to the White Paper proposals that have been submitted by the broad scientific community for Voyage 2050, the next planning cycle of the ESA Science Programme. Modern security equipment enables companies to protect their financial data, confidential business information and decisions.

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Cloudera is one of the distinct names people always come across when they are talking about Big Data because it was the first company to build a business successfully around the professional deployment of Hadoop. I personally like it and want to recommend this educational app for learning anything, anywhere, anytime, from the variety of subjects.

Learning from Massive Data: With the advancement of technology, amount of data we process is increasing day by day. So we can say that big data has a major role in machine learning. Beyond technology in general, big data is going to require changes in most business’ processes to ensure decisions with proper analytic judgments are made.

Yad Vashem and Mt. Hertzl – Learn about our Jewish history and some of Israel’s greatest leaders and innovators. The reason is that people need to recognize that there are people who are affected by the science and technology. In short science has changed, improved, enhanced, modified and refined human life in all ways.