The Functions of Educational Objectives

The educational function which often mentioned is to educate the nation’s life. The function is in line with national objectives. In addition to having a clear understanding, the factors of education should be clear too. In the previous post, I have defined the education’s meaning by the professor. This post will discuss briefly goals as educational factors and functions.

Previously, please note that the educational factors must contain at least two elements, those are human element and element of purpose. The existence of educators and students shows any human element in education. Education must also have a clear goal, a clear vision and mission such as st andrews international school.

Educational function

What is exactly the function of education? Is it to make us smart? Make us rich, prosperous, and happy? Or make us become a human who isn’t fooled? It’s possible, but all of them is a practical function that is in the realm of expectations. Here are some educational functions that are in accordance with the principles of education itself:

In principle, there are four main functions of education:

  • Socialization
  • Social integration
  • Social placement
  • Social innovation

These four functions are manifested in educational goals.

Briefing the society

When children are expected to be able to live independently in the midst of society later, then the social values and norms must be passed on to the children. The name of this process is socialization. Social institutions such as family and school have the function to carry out. For example, we want our children not to hit their parents when scolded. So at school, the teacher says to the students that hitting others is a despicable act and can be punished by imprisonment. If the students understand what is conveyed by the teacher, they will reluctant to hit parents even when scolded.

Social integration

In order to people go to work as it should, without conflicts that can adversely affect their life, they have to obey the values /  regulation. The process of following or believing in values that have been followed by other people in society is called the process of social integration.

Social placement

The students who undergo the educational process are identified about their personality, character, skills and expertise. This identification process determines the placement in the social position where students life later. For example, individuals who are educated in medical science, the appropriate placement is in a health institution or wherever the individual can contribute to public health.

Social innovation

The function of education as social innovation is closely related to all kinds of new discoveries in various fields that affect social life. We cannot expect new discoveries that will change the world both on a small or large scale if the individuals involved in the discovery do not experience the educational process first.