The New Wave Of Digital Fabric Printing Technology

The life of human beings is being influenced everyday by the fast-paced actions made in science. Communication technology allows this success to happen, by delivering the information quickly and in time for planning and reaction. In the meantime, check out our recent events and see us in action. At ODSC, the conference hosts not only data scientists but many other professional looking to accelerate their skills and knowledge including software engineers, analysts, executives and much more across many industries.

The theme of this year congress was ‘ Science & Technology of 21st Century- National Perspective’. The advance technology will cost you money upfront but if the proper equipment is purchased and utilized in office it can add to your over all business. This virtual conference offers an opportunity for sharing your successes and challenges in teaching with technology.

These same costs and benefits are visible when it comes to technology’s impact on political news and discussion. The use of events software to help manage part or all of the event management process can be further extended to cover the post event analysis. Debayan Saha, an Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur graduate, has invented a device called PM 2.5. The device aims to curb air pollution.

The Summit allows you to ‘be in the know’ on who is leading the industry in innovation and inspiring what’s next in technology. Mobile event apps are a gateway to capturing new attendee data to use for future instances of personalization. The technology will deliver continuous real-time information to ATC controllers and pilots with impressive accuracy.

Switching tasks from sticky notes and Excel to event management technology can make a huge difference in your event planning process and cut down on the time you spend doing monotonous tasks. The T+L conference sponsored by the National School Board Association (NSBA) allows educators, administrators and school board members to have access to the most current and insightful technology available to them.