What Is Information Technology? A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of IT

Develop software, mobile or computer applications, troubleshoot technology, set up databases and computer systems, or become a cybersecurity expert — a career in information technology covers a wide variety of work in many industries. IT must provide the technical capability to develop and deploy detailed business processes and applications; integrate service units, applications, and business rules; transform legacy applications; and implement appropriate security facilities. Study full or part time at our Melbourne Burwood or Geelong Waurn Ponds campuses, or online anywhere in the world through Deakin’s Cloud Campus.

As an IT graduate, students can work in area such as operations, database administration, PC support, networking and communications, internet design, IT management, business analysis, system design, system development and programming, software engineering and technical support.

A strong portfolio can sometimes get an aspiring multimedia artist or animator a job in the industry even without a degree. Studying at UTS was full of practical experiences, I got a lot of opportunities to sit down and delve into the technology and actually do what I was learning.

Unlike in a traditional university where going to class means listening to an instructor lecture while you take notes and try to learn in a group setting, WGU’s Course Instructors provide one-on-one instruction and support when you need it—tailoring the instruction to your precise needs when you need it. Course Instructors also provide additional resources, lead topical discussions in online communities, and find countless other ways to bring a specific course to life for students.

Different graduate schools offer different courses in IT. Most of them offer an MSc IT course, though there are some schools that have specialized programs which focuses in-depth on a narrower subject like MSc computing, MSc IT (project management), MSc.