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Who would have ever thought that men would be so bright and smart that we have created a lot of these wonderful things around us? The science can be leading edge or well established and the function can have high visibility or be significantly more mundane, but it is all technology, and its exploitation is the foundation of all competitive advantage. Social networking uses, in time globally spent, surpassed e-mail in November 2007.

Sure, over time, information technologies have changed, and sometimes significantly. A digital communication technology that is already a second skin for young people, yet it continues to feed the fears and the fantasies of those who are still in charge of a society that they barely understand.

Bringing technology into the classroom uses resources ranging from computers to classrooms to graduate assistants, and university wide coordination is essential for ensuring an effective learning environment for students. The most important factor for deciding the working of a particular technology is the presence of competition.

In today’s world, technologies tend to quickly become commoditized, and within any particular technology lies the seeds of its own death. Pharma Technology Focus is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing you the latest news and analysis in an exciting, interactive format.

In some situations, even if we can’t literally put a technological genie back in a bottle, we can artificially intervene to make sure the genie plays by specific rules. This acceleration can be measured in the returns” of the technology—such as speed, efficiency, price-performance, and overall power”—which improve exponentially too.